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We are a kingdom-focused giving circle of women supporting women – meeting needs, transforming lives, and inspiring hope through local ministries. We began in 2021 by sharing our vision for Christian women to join together in generosity to make an impact. As of today, we have well over 100 members, each making a minimum commitment of $50 a month so that we can collectively make a difference in the lives of others.

Stepping into Generosity is an opportunity for women who are passionate about generosity to respond to local needs that break God’s heart. We invite you to join us for social gatherings throughout the year, and, if the time is right for you, to consider joining us.


 “We are women of all ages joining together to support area ministries and non-profits in the Chattanooga area.” 

Our Vision

A kingdom-focused giving collaboration to meet needs, transform lives, and inspire hope.


We believe that:

1. Generosity is a way of living with open minds and hearts.

2. A natural joy comes from giving.

3. God calls us to respond to the things that break His heart.

March 2023 Stepping into Generosity featured presentation: Women Doing Well

We are honored to share to the story of Ruth McKeaney, author of “Hungry for Home”

Stepping into Generosity Founders



345 Frazier Ave., Unit 205
Chattanooga, TN 37405


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