Timothy Scholarship Program

The Timothy Scholarship Program is designed to assist students from the greater Chattanooga area receive a post-high school education. There are essentially three groups of students who are eligible to apply for and receive this scholarship:

  • Children or grandchildren of Chattanooga area pastors or ministry leaders
  • Current Dora Maclellan Brown Scholarship recipients
  • Students from the Chattanooga area seeking post-secondary education for ministry preparation

The uniqueness of this scholarship program lies in the willingness and ability of an Advocate to raise money on behalf of the student. Once the student is accepted into the program, the Advocate is then empowered to communicate the existence of the scholarship to family and friends of the student. When gifts are received by TGT designated for this student, TGT sends a tax-deductible receipt to the donor. TGT then makes grants directly to the school, instructing the school to apply the grant directly to the student’s account.

The student should call Chattanooga home (see guidelines for a more in-depth description of this geographical restriction). While preference is given to students studying full time and on site, we do also consider applications from part-time students and those studying by extension.

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