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The Generosity Trust advances the cause of Christ by magnifying the joyful generosity of Christians.
Our mission is carried out in three primary ways:

Donor-Advised Funds



Keeping It In the Family

Keeping It In the Family

The Fikkert “family ethos” is one of ministry. So, for siblings Jessica and Josh Fikkert, it makes perfect sense that they have each found themselves as Dora Maclellan Brown Scholars as Divinity students.

GeneroCity: Faith-Based Virtual Learning Centers

GeneroCity: Faith-Based Virtual Learning Centers

An abundance of Zoom meetings. Countless technology upgrades. Numerous on-line classes. COVID-19 restrictions have accelerated the use of technology beyond our wildest dreams. Home-life in 2020 has changed drastically, particularly for parents of school-age students.

A Legacy of Giving

The legacy of our founder, Dora Maclellan Brown, remains central to our work more than 50 years later: to empower Christians to increase their generosity toward Christian ministries and other worthy causes.

Meet Gennie the Generosity Pig

Discover how Gennie uses her resources to bless others.


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