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The Generosity Trust advances the cause of Christ by magnifying the joyful generosity of Christians.
Our mission is carried out in three primary ways:

Donor-Advised Funds



Sharing God’s Goodness Luncheon

Sharing God’s Goodness Luncheon

The Sharing God's Goodness Launch EventOver 250 community and church leaders joined The Generosity Trust at the Hunter Museum on Tuesday, November 15 for the launch of a new giving circle, Sharing God’s Goodness – a collaborative giving effort that will support small...

Learning to serve the community together

Learning to serve the community together

When Pablo Mazariegos traveled from Guatemala to the United States as a child, he had no idea he would one day retrace those steps for a documentary film project. Today, Pablo uses his masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Reformed Theological Seminary as a counselor for the City of Chattanooga.

A Legacy of Giving

The legacy of our founder, Dora Maclellan Brown, remains central to our work more than 50 years later: to empower Christians to increase their generosity toward Christian ministries and other worthy causes.

Meet Gennie the Generosity Pig

Discover how Gennie uses her resources to bless others.


  Gennie’s stories



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