Donor-Advised Funds

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Types of Donor-Advised Funds

Giving Fund

The Giving Fund enables you to have a charitable foundation like Aunt Dora to support Christian ministries and other worthy causes.

Growth Fund

Our Growth Fund is for donors who want to see their donation grow before being distributed. It is low-risk with low-growth. Fees apply.

Managed Funds

Want to see your donation invested for growth? With our Managed Funds, the Trust will facilitate the relationship with our fund managers or enable your personal financial advisor to manage the investments. Fees apply.


Invest in pooled funds that are passively managed with various risk levels. Fees apply.

How Donor-Advised Funds Work


1. Open Your Fund


2. Donate assets (cash, stocks, bonds, or complex gifts) and receive an immediate tax deduction

3. Recommend grants to churches, ministries, schools, or other non-profits at your own pace

Fund TypeFeesGrowth PotentialPersonal Advisor InvolvementGrant Distribution Speed
Growth1% of assetsModest returnNoImmediate
ManagedYes, variesOpen to market gains and lossesYesImmediate
BlendedYes, variesOpen to market gains and lossesNoImmediate

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