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The Alpha Fund was created by The Generosity Trust to enable worthy new Chattanooga ministries and projects that have not yet received their IRS Determination letter as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity to raise start-up funds and grow to a point they are self-sustaining and no longer require the assistance of the Fund. The Alpha Fund can receive gifts for qualified ministries, offer a tax deduction to the donors, and disburse monies to the new initiatives.

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Weave Dance Company

A Conceptual Dance Company is not a creation of Travis and Bernadette’s… but a creation of God for the ministry of Christ. WEAVE seeks to spread His love through the creation of art.

HomeSchool Inspire

Homeschool Inspire empowers and equips homeschooling families in the Chattanooga area, providing them with the encouragement and support they often need as they teach their children.

Ambleside Discoveries/ Ingleside Tutorial

Ingleside Tutorial follows Charlotte Mason’s principles and methods of education providing students with excellent, challenging, gospel-centric education during the morning hours, while leaving afternoons to the family for personal development and community service.

Cross Culture

A ministry committed to reaching children and young adults, Cross Culture was planted as an outreach for unchurched people from all walks of life. Our purpose is to inspire hope and a future.

Samaritan’s Grace

Samaritan’s Grace seeks to connect and serve Good Samaritans, People in Need, and Innkeepers by reaching out to the homeless and others in need with meals and counseling in order to help them establish themselves as productive members of the Chattanooga Community.

Son Servants

Son Servants is a short-term mission ministry dedicated to serving God’s people in need while sharing the love of Christ with them.  With over 30 years of experience, Danny Dotson, who is the Director can and will provide assistance to groups who are interested in serving.

100 Fold

100Fold exists to counsel and assist high net worth families who seek to give with velocity, scale, and impact. Website coming soon.

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7th Well • Ambleside/Ingleside Tutorial • B.A.S.I.C. • Bible Literature Online • Brock Center • Chattanooga Classical Academy • Cross Culture Fund • CS Lewis Society of Chattanooga • Disciple Making Mission • Every Valley Leadership • Home School Inspire • Homes and Havens • Honoring the Sacrifice • Kids of Growth/Westside • Kingdom Partners • Legacy Center Academy • Logos Tutoring • Next Steps • Samaritan’s Grace • SLAM • The Action Group • The Chattanooga Faith and Works • The Learning Farm at Eden Thistle • The MOMentum Network • Via Veritas • Weave Dance Company • You Last Forever Ministries • Son Servants • 100Fold

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