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Preparing your Legacy through Estate Planning

Preparing your Legacy through Estate Planning

The Generosity Trust exists because a woman planned ahead. Dora Maclellan Brown made arrangements for a trust to be established and continue in perpetuity to facilitate Christian generosity in Chattanooga and beyond. Now, several generations later, The Generosity Trust continues to grow and serve donors and future ministry leaders. It’s all thanks to Aunt Dora’s well-designed estate plan.

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Advising your clients on Donor-Advised Funds

Advising your clients on Donor-Advised Funds

Financial advisors have a privileged position in the life of their clients. They get to know their dreams, fears, families, and the legacy they want to leave behind. Financial advisors help clients grow and protect their assets. They also help them give their assets away to charities and causes that have grabbed their hearts.

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