Sharing God’s Goodness

Sharing God’s Goodness Giving Circle – impacting the local African American Community. We care about our community and understand the power of giving together to impact community needs.

Our Mission

We inspired by Biblically based generosity, to support small area ministries and non-profits that are African American led and/or meeting the needs of African Americans.

Our Vision

A kingdom-focused giving collaboration to come alongside those in greatest need to provide hope and a pathway for a better tomorrow.

Our Values

We believe that:

  • God calls us to respond to the things that break His heart.
  • We are to encourage those who are hurting as an extension of God’s love and generosity.
  • Our community is filled with impactful Christian ministries that are making a difference in the lives others yet are significantly underfunded.

Get Involved

There are four ways for you to get involved:

Our Story

Throughout COVID, we watched frontline-Christian ministries extend their hours and stretch their staff to meet their many additional demands. We saw a true need to increase resources for smaller ministries and non-profits serving the local African American Community. For years, we have seen the strength of neighborhood networks surrounding African American churches. Many have stepped in to establish and help smaller ministries, yet these ministries remain significantly underfunded.  We believe that the Sharing God’s Goodness Giving Circle can make a significant difference in the lives of those served and those in service. Join us as we extend God’s love and generosity throughout our community. We will make an impact together.

Planning Committee:

-Marcellus Barnes, Sr.

-Gary Hathaway

-Herbert “Book” McCray

-Rev. Adam E. McKee III

-Melissa C. McKeldin

-Madelene Miller

-Oliver Richmond

-Tabi Upton

Our Role

We partner with community allies to strengthen the ministry and outreach of small organizations that show God’s love throughout Chattanooga’s African American community.

Who Will Our Grants Serve?

-Small local non-profits with operating budgets of $100,000 or less and churches with a program budget of $100,000 or less.

-Members will nominate up to two potential grant recipients a year.


Get to know our 2023 Ministry Grantees!

2023 Spring Grantee Presentation Luncheon


345 Frazier Ave., Unit 205
Chattanooga, TN 37405


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