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You can make a gift into any of the following Funds through our online giving portal. Click the Give now button and follow the prompts.

piggy bank

Donor-Advised Fund

money and graduation cap

TGT Impact Funds, Community Outreach Funds, and Scholarship Funds

Credit Card Fee

To make a gift to your Donor-Advised Fund, please click below to log into the Donor Portal and click the Donate tab. 

To make a gift to one of the “other” funds at TGT you can do it one of two ways:

Fundholders: Please click here to log into the Donor Portal, then click the Donate Tab. From there, use the search bar to find the fund. To make an internal grant, go to the Request a Grant tab, then search for “other” funds under “Other foundation funds.”

Donors: Please click hereUse the search bar to find the fund you would like to support. Giving Circles and other funds may be easily accessed here.

​Online giving incurs a variable transaction fee. This can either be covered by the donor at a flat 3.5% rate, or the fee will be deducted from the donation and the net proceeds will be deposited to the fund.

Stories of Giving

Quietly, he began tithing through the company— giving back to the community and to Christian causes throughout the country…


—BLOG FEATURE: The Zeiser Family, Southern Champion Tray

Stock Gifts

If you are interested in donating stock or mutual funds (or any other publicly traded security) for any purpose at all (a designated fund, your own fund, or a TGT community-impact fund), please contact us.

Complex Gifts

The Generosity Trust can accept many forms of complex gifts, from real estate to partnerships (like interest in an LLC) to personal property gifts (like automobiles, boats, and other personal items).  These can be given for your own Donor-Advised Fund or any of our other TGT Funds.  TGT will receive the gift, issue the appropriate tax-deductible receipt, then work on your behalf to liquidate the gift as quickly as possible.  Fees do apply for this service – generally from one to three percent of the gift value.  Please contact us for further information.

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