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Southern Champion Tray (SCT) is a company that values people. Ninety-two years young, it has created a corporate culture of respect for others. In its third generation of leadership within the Zeiser family, the company understands the importance of building solid relationships with their employees, their customers, and their suppliers. Using Biblical principles as their guide star, the business has steadily grown to become one of the largest independent converters in the paperboard packaging industry. “We value people for who they are and want each person working in their area of giftedness,” states Bruce Zeiser, Executive Vice President. “Striving to follow biblical principles, we recognize that each person is created in the image of God. We believe that if we can encourage a work environment where each person feels valued and free to be their best self, that the best results will be produced and the best service will be given.” The company’s mission, vision and values are posted throughout the facilities. It’s a statement of accountability for the entire company. Bruce and his brother John, President and Chief Executive Officer, believe that their business belongs to God. “He owns it all,” a belief modeled by their father, Chuck Zeiser. One memorable event from earlier days was a rare occasion when the young family went to a small restaurant for lunch and John said, “Daddy, you forgot to have the prayer,” which was common at all of their meals. The excuse used by Chuck was that he didn’t want to embarrass the people around them. That started a 6-month process that led to a decision on Chuck’s part to be consistent in acknowledging Christ in both private and public discourse. Whereas their families had tithed on a personal basis, they began to make a tithe of the company profits as well, giving back to the community and Christian causes throughout the country. The major growth of the company has taken place under the leadership of John and Bruce and the talented employees of the company. All three Zeisers have had the privilege of serving as board members of The Generosity Trust and participating in helping people of generous heart use the services provided.



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