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A Campaign for TGT family and friends to prayerfully consider

Support Virtual Learning Centers in Hamilton County

An abundance of Zoom meetings. Countless technology upgrades. Numerous on-line classes. COVID-19 restrictions have accelerated the use of technology beyond our wildest dreams. Home-life in 2020 has changed drastically, particularly for parents of school-age students.

While juggling household responsibilities and working remotely, many parents with kids at home have unwittingly become their child’s academic coach and tutor. The phrase “burning the candle at both ends” has new meaning. Although keeping children focused on learning while at home has never been easy, it is now a way of life that can be frustrating. Yet, there is relief in sight, thanks to Hamilton County Schools and their community partners who have established Faith-based Virtual Learning Centers Partners.

The goal of the partnership led by Hamilton County Schools is to identify approximately fifteen faith-based organizations to serve as virtual learning centers. Area churches and other faith-based organizations serving the areas of greatest need in our community are stepping up to the plate to provide a stopgap between the county school system and families in their area of the city. Students who could quickly get behind with assignments will now receive support at the Virtual Learning Center to ensure that their assignments are fully understood and completed in a reasonable time frame.

Area non-profit On Point serves as the Lead Partner Agency as a liaison between Hamilton County Schools and the churches/organizations serving as Virtual Learning Centers. As the learning centers identify student and family needs, On-Point will step in to ensure regular and consistent communication — convening monthly meetings, conducting site visits, and providing consultation to the Virtual Learning Center partners. Representatives from Hamilton County Schools, Chattanooga 2.0, and The Generosity Trust will serve on the review committee for the sites selected to receive micro-grants.

The effort seeks funding from the community to assist the faith-based organizations that incur non-budgeted expenses as they extend their hours to provide support to families. Extra utility costs, additional wages for support staff, and technology upgrades will be covered by micro-grants funded in part by Maclellan Foundation and other local foundations. Additional funding is needed to sustain the effort, and we hope you will consider involvement.

To provide an opportunity for you to contribute to this critical need in our community, The Generosity Trust is launching GeneroCity: Faith-based Virtual Learning Centers. Just as was done through GeneroCity-Covid 19 and TGT’s Disaster Relief Fund earlier in 2020, TGT announced this campaign to raise funds from the TGT community. All dollars raised will support the micro-grants to the church/faith-based partners who apply. The micro-grants will continue until all funds are fully distributed. We encourage you to join the effort to assist Hamilton County students and their families in their continued learning.

Ways to Give

Give online to the GeneroCity: Faith-based Virtual Learning Centers Fund by clicking the button below.


  • Log into DonorCentral
  • Select New Recommendation
  • Select TGTCCCF as the recipient charity
  • Enter GeneroCity: Faith-based Virtual Learning Centers Fund in Grant Purpose 
  • TGT will then do an internal transfer from your fund to the GeneroCity: Faith-based Virtual Learning Centers Fund.

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