The Generosity Trust is proud to partner with Financial Professionals around the country, by assisting them as they provide excellent service to their clients.

Many financial planners, wealth managers, estate planning lawyers, and tax and accounting professionals find themselves face-to-face with a client who has certain needs that The Generosity Trust can assist with. Often, those clients are looking for a donation/giving vehicle to assist with charitable donations. In addition, some clients find themselves with a pending “liquidity event,” like the sale of a business or a family inheritance, and are looking for a solution to help them give away and honor the Lord with a portion of that income or inheritance.

Advisors often turn to TGT to assist in the charitable giving opportunities created by these situations. We can help the advisor and his or her client create a Donor Advised Fund that can be managed by the client’s own advisor. A Fund is created at TGT, named by the Donor. The manager transfers assets into that fund, whether they come in the form of an ownership interest in a company prior to the sale of the company, or appreciated assets in the client’s portfolio, or inheritance assets that the client would like to donate. Once in that fund, those assets can be liquidated by TGT and/or the manager, and the manager is then free to invest those assets with no concern for capital gains tax or other taxes.

The Generosity Trust recognizes the sanctity of the relationship between a manager and their clients and works diligently to protect that sanctity. The manager is still able to manage and invest the assets in the Fund, in that way continuing to earn a living from the fees and commissions generated within the Fund. TGT assesses a small fee in addition, to cover the oversight, grant payment, online access, and other services it provides.

The real winners are the clients. They have been able to discover a charitable giving tool that gives them flexibility and freedom to do the grant-making they want, when they want, to the churches and charities and ministries and causes that are important to them. They also have a tool they can introduce to their family and help their family learn the importance of giving.


Professional Advisors And The Generosity Trust: Together We Impact God’s Kingdom



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