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Our Mission

“We are Kingdom-focused with a heart for compassionate generosity. We are fully committed to blessing those in need through churches, ministries, and nonprofits that serve Latino families and individuals in the Chattanooga metro area.”

Our Vision

To encourage compassionate generosity, identify and meet community needs, give together to bless God’s Kingdom.

Our Values

Becoming the hands and feet of Jesus throughout the Latino neighborhoods in and around Chattanooga by:

  • Identifying critical needs in the Latino community.
  • Meeting those needs through church benevolence programs and non-profits
    serving Latinos throughout our area.
  • Cultivating generosity and compassion.

Get Involved

There are two ways for you to get involved:

  • Leadership Team
  • Giving Circle


“Estamos enfocados en el Reino con un corazón por la generosidad compasiva. Estamos totalmente comprometidos a bendecir a los necesitados a través de las iglesias, los ministerios y organizaciones sin fines de lucro que sirven a familias e individuos latinos en el área metropolitana de Chattanooga.”

Nuestra Visión

Para fomentar la generosidad compasiva, identificar y satisfacer las necesidades de la comunidad, donar juntos para bendecir el Reino de Dios.

 Nuestros Valores

Convertirse en las manos y los pies de Jesús en los vecindarios latinos de Chattanooga y sus alrededores mediante:

  • Identificar necesidades críticas en la comunidad latina.
  • Satisfacer esas necesidades a través de programas de beneficencia de la iglesia y organizaciones sin fines de lucro que sirven a los latinos en toda nuestra área.
  • Cultivar la generosidad y la compasión.

Formas de participar

  • Equipo de liderazgo
  • Círculo de donaciones

Application are by invitation only.  To introduce your organization to Unidos en Compasión, send a one-page letter of description The Generosity Trust describing your organization’s impact on Chattanooga’s Latino community.

La solicitud es solo por invitación. Para presentar su organización, envíe una carta de una página de descripción de The Generosity Trust, describiendo el impacto de su organización en la comunidad latina de Chattanooga.

Our Impact

Unidos en Compasión has granted over $32,000 since 2021 to non-profits and churches serving Latino families.

Our strength: engagement with the Latino communities, the ability to identify immediate needs, and provide resources to meet those needs. Each member contributes the equivalent of $600 a year to pool resources that will transform lives and inspire hope together.

Grant Recipients as of July 1, 2024:  

  • Abba’s House – Benevolence Program: hearing aids for parishioner
  • Brainerd Baptist Church – East Ridge— Benevolence Program: purchase of a vehicle for a church member to get to and from work.
  • Catholic Charities of East Tennessee Support of the Chattanooga Office: scanner/copier, chrome books, and other supplies to assist clients seeking legal services.
  • Chattanooga Hispanic Community SDA Church – Benevolence Program: assistance for family involved in a car accident.
  • City Church of Chattanooga – Benevolence Program: Assistance with medical expenses for family member injured in a car accident
  • East Lake Expression Engine – Assistance with tuition for a college student.
  • Ella Library – Inspirational documentary about challenges faced by Guatemalan immigrants
  • Fuerza Para Vivir – Counseling and wrap-around support to a Venezuelan family
  • Iglesia Evangelica Filadelfia – Benevolence Program: Assistance with a parishioner’s eye surgery; funeral expenses for a parishioner.
  • International Literacy Center – copier for their office
  • LaPaz of Chattanooga – Assistance for newly arriving refugees/immigrant families from Venezuela
  • LifeSpring Pediatric Clinic – Equipment for Vision Screening
  • New City Fellowship East Lake – Benevolence Program: Space Heaters/Fleece jackets for families at Howard High School
  • Life Spring Community Health –  Equipment for renovated patient rooms
  • New City Fellowship Glenwood – Materials for ESL program


345 Frazier Ave., Unit 205
Chattanooga, TN 37405


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