Gennie the Generous Pig

Gennie is a very extraordinary piggy-bank. She is designed for Acts of Generosity – using what has been entrusted to her to be a blessing to others. Gennie encourages her owner to put her in a prominent place in a home or in a business. She loves to get filled up with spare change, even dollar bills. When she gets full, she can’t wait to be emptied.

We’ve heard great stories of how Gennie has been used in extraordinary ways. She’s left a huge tip for a struggling waitress at a restaurant. She’s been a blessing to someone struggling with homelessness. She’s bought toys for a child in foster care. She’s been brought to her church and put in the offering plate. She’s even had her contents brought down to The Generosity Trust and deposited into her owner’s Donor-Advised Fund, to give away in the form of grants to those in need.

Once emptied, she gets filled up again, and given away again. And people are blessed. And her owner becomes the very hands and feet of Christ in a very tangible way.


Gennie’s Stories


We were delighted to give Gennie to our 6-year-old granddaughter, Amy, who promptly placed Gennie on her new white dresser. Since Gennie’s arrival a few months ago, she has become an important part of Amy’s life! Allowance money is added each week – not all of it, of course, but sometimes as much as half. Amy and her parents talk about different ways that Gennie’s content could be used. I give the piggy bank a big shake each time I visit, and she is starting to get full! The future use of Gennie’s coins was even mentioned in Amy’s prayers a few weeks ago. It’s been fun watching my granddaughter begin to think about giving.   A loving grandma

When I got my piggy bank, I quickly asked a second to keep peace between our twins! ‘Can’t wait to begin teaching them about generosity. A busy dad

Last Sunday morning as we were getting in the car, our youngest, Lindsay, bolted back into the house, ran up the stairs, and came back with a big grin and Gennie the Generosity Pig nestled underneath her arm. Her brother gave her a funny look to which she quickly replied “it’s time to give Gennie!”   Of course, I thought she would just empty her out and give away the change inside, but to my amazement, Gennie herself landed in the offering plate as it came down our row! A proud mom

Each of our boys has a Gennie of his own. They are so competitive over everything, even filling up their generosity pigs. Sam can’t stand for Rob’s pig to get fuller than his. I found him yesterday looking for change between the sofa cushions so he could give more money away than his brother. I’m choosing to see that as a positive….Generosity is contagious! Happy Gennie parents

I just got my Gennie the Pig that my mom brought home. Thank you. I can’t await to give the money in her tummy to someone who needs it. A six-year-old



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