Generosity in Action: Opportunities to Give Together 

“What if communities of believers gathered together to fund great work? There are some who believe this is possible if we plan our giving together.”

John Cortines and Cameron Doolittle, Collaborative Giving 101

God is at work in the hearts of His children, leading us along a pathway of generosity. More of us are asking ourselves what that pathway might look like. It is a soul-searching process, one that transforms our hearts and propels us to change our perspective. Along that path, we find that joining with others can make the generosity journey even more meaningful and impactful.  


As we journey together, many are discovering that generosity is more than opening our pocketbooks. It is a way of thinking and living with open hearts and minds, nurtured through conversations and activities with others. A natural joy comes with living generously, and those who seek to live lives of generosity are seeing the advantages of combining their resources for significant impact.  


Over the past few years, we at The Generosity Trust (TGT) have seen giving collaborations take wing. Busy people, with responsibilities at work, home, church, and extended family, are hearing the call to serve and are creating space in their lives to make a difference. The common thread is a desire to learn about their community’s needs and be part of the solution. A local group of young professionals is doing just that. Since 2019, they have been learning and giving together. Because members are “plugged in” to the community, they have first-hand knowledge of area needs. The Young-Givers Circle gives both regularly and spontaneously to respond to identified needs, maximizing their impact through collaboration and connection. There are other area giving circles launching this year through TGT: Unidos en Compasión, addressing the needs of local Latino communities and an effort just for women. This is just the beginning.


As we at TGT have visited with our donors and many others on this generosity journey, we have realized that we are ready to offer more opportunities to join in kingdom-focused giving that addresses specific community issues. In the next few weeks, we are bringing people together around community challenges that break God’s heart. The circles of old and new friends will learn about the ministries and organizations in our community that meet the needs of the hurting, oppressed, and underserved. Together, they will work to provide solutions through funding, service, and sharing expertise. We ask you to let us know if you are interested in joining TGT on this journey. To get involved and share the things that break your heart, click “Learn More” below.



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