Fund Advisor Portal Tutorial

You can learn how to navigate the Fund Advisor Portal by watching the overview video below or the step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #1: Login

Donors can login by clicking the “Fund Login” button at the top of the home page.

Step #2: Fund Dashboard

After entering their login credentials, donors will find themselves viewing their fund dashboard where they can see their fund balance and recent activity.

Step #3: View Gift History

Click the tab labeled “Gift History” to view a detailed log of contributions you’ve made to your fund. 

Step #4: View Grant History

Click the tab labeled “Grant History” to view a detailed log of grants that have been distributed from your donor-advised fund. You can also click on any grantee and click “copy” to generate a new grant request of the same amount.

Step #5: Request a Grant

Click the tab labeled “Request a Grant” to generate a new request. You can 1) use the dropdown menu to select a past grantee, 2) select “Other Foundation Funds” in the second dropdown, which replaces our former system of internal fund transfers or 3) search for an organization or manually enter information for a new organization. 

If you search for an organization, you will be taken to a results page. If the organization isn’t currently within our database, you can click on “Guidestar Results” to pull their information from Guidestar’s system.

Step #6: Access Statements

Click the tab labeled “Statements” to view and download past quarterly statements. 



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