5 Reasons to Open a Donor Advised Fund by Year End

Generous people understand the joy of giving, and between now and the end of the year, around 40% of charitable giving will take place. For many people, donating is a way to support a worthy cause while also receiving a tax deduction. For Christians, generosity increases at the end of the year as we respond to the goodness of God in our lives and consider His greatest gift to us in the birth of Jesus.

Through our Donor-Advised Funds, The Generosity Trust allows generosity itself to become the focus this time of year. For those who tire of handwriting multiple checks and keeping up with countless gift receipts, The Generosity Trust is a great solution. We take away the burden of making sure donations are received, allowing donors to focus not as much on the transaction of the gift, but more on the transformational effect of the gift.

You can open a Giving Fund today to manage your charitable giving. Here are 5 reasons to use a Giving Fund:

  1. It is free. There are no hidden fees with our Giving Fund. Every dollar you donate is available for distribution to your favorite nonprofit. Additionally, there is no minimum required to open a Giving Fund.
  2. Your gifts are tax deductible. Every contribution you make to your Giving Fund qualifies as a tax-deductible donation in the year it is made. You’ll receive one statement after the year has concluded showing all your contributions for the year to use when filing your taxes.
  3. You can give various kinds of assets. Your giving isn’t limited to cash. You can donate appreciated assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You can even donate more tangible assets like real estate and business equity. Our team has decades of experience facilitating all types of gifts for donors.
  4. You can recommend grants at your own pace. When you donate to your Giving Fund, the proceeds are available for distribution immediately. You can also wait and recommend grants when you’re ready. The Giving Fund enables you to receive the tax deduction immediately but recommend grants at your own pace, allowing you time to identify the causes you wish to support.
  5. You can use it to give anonymously. Every time you recommend a grant to your favorite charity, you have the option to do so anonymously. The designated charity will simply receive a check from The Generosity Trust without any notation as to who recommended the gift.

The Giving Fund is a free, easy, and flexible way to manage your charitable giving. You can apply online to start your Giving Fund. If you have a questions or want to speak directly with a team member, please contact Josh Suddath, Director of Donor Engagement or Maria Matthews, Director of Generosity.