Howard High School Baseball

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Once considered “the most neglected” baseball field in the county, the field at Howard High is now cared for and cared about by many throughout the City of Chattanooga. All this thanks to the “can do attitude” of Howard School’s Baseball current coach, Jon Johnson. The effort to transform the field and the program began in 2016 with the student-players clearing out rocks and trash. The young men tilled the soil themselves by hand, added new top soil, and sowed winter rye. Ten hours later, they had a playable field and had bonded as a team and community. Johnson began a fundraising effort – Build a Field, Build a Future — added new fencing and lights for night games. They recently added an irrigation system. Now, Johnson and his supporters have connected with The Generosity Trust’s Community Impact Fund so that many others can make donations to the effort. Those wishing to contribute may give to the Howard School Baseball Fund at The Generosity Trust.



345 Frazier Ave., Unit 205
Chattanooga, TN 37405



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