Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarships

“With the Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarships, we are helping Christians, young and old, who feel a call from God to further His mission here on earth.” Madelene Miller is the Children’s Director at New Covenant Fellowship Church and is a member of the Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarship Committee for the Generosity Trust. She has been involved with the scholarship committee for several years and understands the scholarship’s focus and impact. We sat down with Madelene to ask her about her experience with the Generosity Trust. 

The Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarship is named in honor and memory of the Generosity Trust’s founder. Given since 1965, the scholarships support students from the greater Chattanooga area who are studying for current or future ministry service. Madelene says that making the scholarship exclusive to Chattanoogans was the request of the initial group of Trustees, who were selected by Dora Maclellan Brown. “She was an educator and was very involved in her church. She saw a need to help those who really wanted to promote Jesus Christ and the cause.” Madelene loves to see scholarship recipients stay in the Chattanooga area and use their skills here.

Madelene Miller believes that Chattanooga needs well-equipped ministers as much as anyone. “I think the real need in Chattanooga is just like the real need everywhere else. It’s a spiritual need. We have people who are doing what’s right in their own eyes. They have no plumb line. I know the Bible is God’s word, and I can trust it cover-to-cover, so that is my plumb line.” There is no shortage of people in the city who want to further their Biblical training and prepare themselves to preach God’s word. “It is a blessing to support their dream and be a part of God’s plan,” says Madelene.

In addition to serving on the scholarship committee, Madelene is involved with The Generosity Trust’s African American Outreach Committee. “The goal of this committee is to make people aware,” says Madelene. “Sometimes, I feel like we have one of the best-kept secrets in the city in The Generosity Trust. We are really trying to get out the word about who we are and what we do. I believe the African American community may be one group that has not fully availed themselves of all the opportunities at the Generosity Trust.” 

The Generosity Trust currently has over 450 students who have received Dora Maclellan Brown Scholarships through the years who are serving the Lord throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. “I would happily encourage everyone who calls Chattanooga home and is trying to study for ministry service to apply,” says Madelene. 

Scholarships are available to theologically and Biblically conservative students who are taking classes or completing master’s degrees (no doctoral candidates) at a theological seminary, Bible College, or a seminary-like program at graduate school. This scholarship is for students who seek to work full or part-time in vocational Christian services.  This includes pastoral ministry, Biblical counseling, international missions, and other similar outreaches. The candidate should call Chattanooga home.  Click here to learn more about the Dora Maclellan Brown Scholarships. 



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