A Giving Circle of women supporting women in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ann Voskamp was the keynote speaker for the March 8 women’s generosity event at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga.

A meaningful Lenten message from Ann Voskamp resonated with 300 women in Chattanooga in early March, and it spurred the women to action. Voskamp spoke about the difficulties of unmet expectations in our lives and discovering a compass that helps us redirect our line of sight. A theme in her most recent book, Waymaker, is that unmet expectations move us to a place of new understanding—understanding of God’s abundant love in our lives. 

This is an understanding that our sense of belonging comes through connecting with others. This teaches us to open doors, not shut them.

Opening doors has been a focus for the women of Stepping into Generosity. When we take the time to care about someone close to us or someone more than an arm’s distance away, we make others’ lives better.

The realization that we can become part of a much bigger story than our own is the launching point for the women of Stepping into Generosity.

The women of this Chattanooga-based Giving Circle are spurred on as they hear stories from women who are living in that bigger story. In early June, the women of Stepping into Generosity gathered at a hilltop home in North Chattanooga to hear the story of a young woman whose heart for generosity is propelled by the awareness of God’s hand on her life. As Whitney Johnston shared her heart with over 70 women at an early summer garden party, her message of God’s faithfulness inspired her audience to trust in God’s divine plan, especially when life takes an unexpected turn. This was yet another message about letting go of expectations and trusting in God when facing adversity.

As the women of this Giving Circle step into God’s bigger story, they are partnering with ministries doing the same. In 2022, they chose to focus on funding and service for three area organizations for women and children:

  • Cry for the Broken, a ministry of Clear Creek Church of Christ for exploited women
  • Renew for Women, a restoration ministry of Calvary Chapel for women with addictions­­
  • The Momentum Network, a network of support for single moms in college

Early summer service days encouraged members to see firsthand how each ministry nurtures and guides the women in their care – inspiring them through biblical truths and offering a new perspective when life has thrown them a curve ball. Giving Circle membership is growing, and we hope to top 100 members in the next few months.

If the idea of giving with other women for greater impact resonates with you, we hope you will consider joining us

Join us in this generosity journey: Stepping into Generosity – women supporting women. We believe that our collective impact through Stepping into Generosity will make a difference for local ministries doing sacred work for His Kingdom. Together, we will continue identifying needs, transforming lives, and inspiring hope. Learn more here.

On July 21, Stepping into Generosity offers an opportunity to join with other women in a Journey of Generosity, affectionately known as a JOG, hosted by Generous Giving. We encourage you to join us: View the invitation here

Generosity Luncheon

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Stepping into Generosity Garden Party

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