About Us

The Generosity Trust is dedicated to Empowering Christian Giving.

We do this by concentrating our efforts in three areas:

Training churches how to multiply their giving

Training churches, and believers within those churches, is a critical step in the spiritual journey of this community.  Many believers struggle to truly understand what the Scripture has to say about money, debt, possessions, and God's ownership of everything.  We partner with local pastors and churches to walk with them as they reach out to every member of their congregation.  We help pastors discover the joy of financial freedom in their own lives.  And we help them share that message with their church, that it's most important for the church to hear what the pastor wants for them, and not what he wants from them.

We do this by helping churches work through many of the excellent resources and materials available today from organizations and people like Crown Financial Ministries, Howard Dayton, Brian Kluth, and many others.  We help a church design a specific program to reach every member, and to grow the concept of Biblical generosity deep in the fabric and life of that church.  Click here to discover more about how The Generosity Trust can help your church in this journey.

Tuition scholarships to seminary students

For over 40 years, The Generosity Trust has been providing scholarships to Seminary students from the Chattanooga area.  These students, training as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, music and worship leaders, church planters, and more, are assisted financially by The Generosity Trust throughout their time in school.  We then stand with them as they launch out into the world, helping to take the Gospel to every people, tribe and tongue.

The students we've supported are making an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God in 26 states, 14 foreign countries, and every branch of the military.  Click here to find out more about this unique, one-of-a-kind program.

Tools to re-engage Christians with the joy of generosity

Since 1993, The Generosity Trust has offered Mission Funds (sometimes referred to as Donor Advised Funds) to assist believers in their charitable giving.  These Funds help to simplify their giving, helping generosity become more about joy and less about paperwork.  In addition to Mission Funds, we can also assist with more complicated gifts, charitable trusts, and estate planning - often working hand-in-hand with a donor's advisors to develop the best plan to care for their family and also the Lord's work.

The Generosity Trust offers many of these tools at no or little cost to the donor, so as to maximize the amount of money that can be invested into God's Kingdom.  Click here to learn more about how we can help you as you generously give back to our generous God.


The Generosity Trust is legally organized and recognized in the State of Tennessee as the Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity. Our Federal EIN is 62-1536731