A Journey of Generosity

The Bible is full of stories of people on a journey, every journey destined to have a powerful impact on their future.

Noah embarked on a 120-year journey to build a boat - when he had never seen rain. That ark provided protection for his family from the flood that destroyed the earth, and delivered them safely back on dry ground.

Moses fled into the land of Midian to escape the hand of Pharaoh, where he lived for many years. It took a burning bush and other miraculous signs to convince him to journey back to Egypt, to be used by the Lord to rescue His people from slavery and bondage.

The people of Israel wandered for 40 years in the desert, a journey that didn't turn out that well for most of them. God had to remove their unbelief and unfaithfulness before they could be allowed to cross into the Promised Land.

Mary and Joseph embarked on a journey to Bethlehem, believing against all odds that the child growing inside of her was conceived through the power of the Most High. In the face of unbelievable criticism and doubt, they carried on, and were witness to the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Peter, the energetic and rowdy fisherman, never believed that his journey would involve denying his Lord three times in one night - the night that Jesus needed him the most. Jesus lovingly restored Peter, and set him on a course to lead the early church through times of great growth.

Saul, later called Paul, embarked on a journey to Damascus, breathing murderous threats against God's people. God intervened on that journey, and changed the course of Paul's life forever. Paul then exhausted his life on a journey for Christ, and was used by God to expand the outreach and growth of the church in an extraordinary way.

Jesus, also, was on a journey - one that began before the creation of the world. God's plan for His one and only Son brought him on a journey to the cross, where He lay down His life to redeem us from the power and penalty of sin.

Each of these journeys was different and unique. No two journeys are ever the same. But the ultimate destination of each of them is the same - to live a life that is pleasing and honoring to our Lord.

At The Generosity Trust, we see generosity as a journey - not a destination.

Yes, our ultimate destination is to live such an extraordinary life that our Heavenly Father is honored and pleased. We all want to hear on that final day, "Well done, my good and faithful servant."

For our time on earth, however, we are to grow in our journey as stewards each and every day.  We will never arrive at generosity, just like we will never arrive at holiness. That shouldn't keep us, however, from learning and growing every day to become more generous - and more holy.

For some, the journey is a slow and steady one. For some, there is a radical Damascus Road type of experience that jolts us into generosity. Sometimes it takes steady teaching and studying to understand how to give generously back to a God who gives so generously to us. And sometimes, we wake up and realize exactly what it is we're supposed to do, and then we simply go out and do it.

Our prayer for you is that you will find where you are on this journey of generosity, and inquire of our Heavenly Father where He wants you to be. And then we, at The Generosity Trust, can have the privilege of walking with you on that journey.  We trust that the stories and ideas that you learn from these pages will help you on that journey. Please let us know how we may assist you.