Tools For Giving

What is your personal mission?

Family Ministries?

Local or international evangelism?

Urban Ministries?

Church Leadership?

Mercy Ministries?

The Generosity Trust can help you live your mission and maintain your joyful generosity with a simple tool – a Mission Fund.

Mission funds make joyful giving simple. You, your family, friends, or company can use a Mission Fund to support the Christian causes that are most important to you. You can invite others to join in your mission, too.

You deposit gifts into your Mission Fund (also known as “donor advised funds”) account and tell The Generosity Trust when and to what organizations you want to donate. The Generosity Trust manages all the paperwork so you don’t have to. At the end of the year, we can send you a single receipt for tax purposes.

Mission Fund Advantages:

  • Available for individuals, families, groups and companies
  • Make giving to multiple organizations simple
  • Allow you to make anonymous grants (if desired)
  • Support any 501(c)(3) ministry, organization or church of your choice
  • Allow you to connect with others to support a cause
  • Keep tax paperwork to a minimum
  • Free to set up and maintain
  • No minimum balance
  • Simple online access for all of your charitable giving

Click here to begin creating your own Mission Fund, or contact us at (423) 266-5257.