Church and Organization Training

Church and Organization Training

Essentials for Developing a Culture of Lordship, Stewardship, and Generosity in Your Church:


An opportunity for the Pastor to cast a vision for financial and spiritual freedom. If needed, Crown offers resources to help the Pastor effectively communicate what he wants for his congregation, rather than what he wants from them.


Life stewardship should be viewed as a core ministry in every church, i.e. deemed as essential to Christian living and discipleship. It should be taught through many different methods, in multiple formats, and made available to the entire church year round.  This provides an opportunity for people to grow in their understanding and application of Biblical stewardship and generosity. By partnering with Crown, your church can offer teaching resources that will best suit the needs of your entire congregation – regardless of a person’s age, spiritual maturity, or financial situation.


An opportunity to celebrate God’s faithfulness as people hear, understand, and apply His financial principles. Some celebration ideas include:

  • The Cause of Christ – Celebrate lives that are eternally changed by the power of God’s Word. When people are released from bondage to money and possessions, they are free to fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ (Luke 16:13).
  • Generosity of the Church – Celebrate the ministry that happens because of people’s faithful stewardship and generosity.  Sometimes we need to connect the dots for people.
  • Service – Celebrate whenever people use their time and talents for Kingdom purposes. A life lived generously for God is the greatest cure for spiritual apathy.


An opportunity to model financial faithfulness and generosity for and in your congregation. Application begins with modeling by Church Leadership. When church leaders model financial faithfulness, they increase their credibility and reinforce Biblical values. Leaders should be among the first to experience the teaching solutions offered; they should also consider being transparent about their personal stewardship journey. 

Application for the Congregation: As each family embarks on their journey to financial freedom, acknowledge and serve those who need more in-depth assistance. Recognize those who have been faithful in this area and provide an opportunity for them to mentor others.

Questions your leaders may want to consider before beginning your journey:

  • What do you want for your people as it relates to their finances?
  • How do you define faithful stewardship and generosity? 
  • How will you weave the Biblical principles behind these characteristics into your sermons and communications regulary?
  • How can you, your staff, and lay leaders model sacrificial generosity? 
  • How can you help your congregation excel in the grace of giving (2 Corinthians 8:7)?
  • How can your church celebrate the faithfulness and generosity of God, as well as individuals and families in your congregation?

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